Part 1: Exploring Platform Upgrades Scheduled For Release This Month

Our new system features a fresh redesign with an improved user experience.

A Four-Part Write Up On The Future Of Our Trading Platform

We will be exploring the new platform release, concepts, and technology employed in this new series as we finalize development and get ready to deploy an all-new trading system.

Part 1: Exploring Platform Upgrades Scheduled For Release This Month
Part 2: New Exchange Integrations & Partnerships
Part 3: The Introduction of New CMFI & Compendi-Pig NFT Utilities
Part 4: PENDAX, Changing The Trading Industry Forever

Part 1: Exploring Platform Upgrades Scheduled For Release This Month

Continuous Innovation — Keep Building.

Our main goal with Compendium.Fi has always been to offer the best-aggregated suite of trading tools available on the market with the lowest barriers to entry possible. Over the last year, we have been planning, designing, and developing the most comprehensive trading platform available. We are now excited to announce that the release of these platform upgrades is just around the corner, finally bringing our platform out of the beta “proof of concept” phase into the spotlight.

Key Action Points & Thoughts For The New Systems

  1. Accessibility
  2. User Experience
  3. Further Integration of our CMFI Token
  4. Create Industry-Leading Trading Systems
  5. Open Source Is The Future
  6. Attracting Users And Developers

Key Point 1: Accessibility

Most of our competitors gate their products and tools behind monthly subscriptions or payment models, which sets a distinct barrier in terms of which users are then capable of interacting with their systems. At Compendium.Fi we wanted to approach this problem in a completely opposite manner. A majority of our trading tools including copy trading groups, signal providers, automated trading bots, portfolio rebalancing, and more are currently available for absolutely no cost to our users.

Here Are Some Examples:

  1. The same signal provider group that would cost a group leader (or their subscribers) hundreds of dollars per month to run on Alertatron is completely free through our systems.
  2. In order to have multiple different exchanges connected or services running on platforms like Wunderbit or 3Commas it requires a monthly subscription plan above their basic packages. On Compendium.Fi a user can have as many exchanges connected and subscriptions running as they please at no cost.

Lowering barriers to entry for trading tools can help traders and investors of all skill calipers benefit from tools widely pay-gated or unavailable to a large part of the community.

Key Point 2: User Experience

Our original platform helped convey our message and provided a simple way to onboard users but leaves a lot of room for improvement in several different manners. Our core team went back to the drawing board and completed months of UX research while also consulting with third parties for industry-specific design knowledge. The result is a stunning change, which we are very proud to share with the community on launch. We have attached some snippets below and constantly share updates in Compendium.Fi’s Discord server and telegram group.

The new user dashboard makes navigating your trading tools much easier.
Browsing bots, signal providers, and copy groups is now easier than before.
Trading bot pages now feature more helpful information in an improved responsive design to help the growing amount of mobile users attracted to our platform.

While this segment is mainly about the improved user experience on the trading tool side of our applications, it is also worth noting that we have been redesigning and preparing our Solana DEX tools as well. We have employed distinct color schemes between the different sides of the application for brand identity and to help distinguish the differences.

Our new spot markets page makes trading on Serum markets seemless.
Our Smart Swap page (Built on top of helps traders make more knowledgable decisions in a timely manner.

Key Point 3: Further Integration of our CMFI Token

CMFI is Compendium.Fi’s native utility token and will begin to be heavily utilized after upgrades have been deployed. Further exploration of these use cases will be explored in Part 3 of this series. The Compendi-Pig NFT collection is also featured in parallel with some of these upcoming utilities.

An example of use cases:

  1. Trading Fee Rebates paid in CMFI
  2. CMFI as a group management tool

Key Point 4: Create Industry-Leading Trading Systems

The upgraded version of Compendium.Fi expands our system to a variety of new products, exchanges, and protocols. In order to meet this demand, we have been building a new aggregated trading system from the ground up over the last year with all necessary functions in a developer-ready environment.

PENDAX, short for ComPENDium Aggregated eXchange tooling, is our new proprietary trading engine that powers our user-facing application in parallel with our industry-leading load balancing database system.

The launch of PENDAX allows our trading tool systems to post faster than competitors, offer more advanced customization control, and allows our team to continuously build and offer new products for our users. More information about PENDAX will be covered in Part 4 of this series, so stay tuned!

Key Point 5: Open Source Is The Future

At Compendium.Fi , we are major proponents of open source software and modules. For this reason, we will be open-sourcing a developer-ready version of PENDAX along with several repositories for Solana programs and market-making bots to help other developers and projects within the ecosystem.

Users will be able to build their own trading tools for several different supported exchanges (covered in Part 2 of this series) by utilizing the PENDAX npm module or available API infrastructure.

Key Point 6: Attracting Users And Developers

What good is a shiny new system without increased users or developer activity? For this reason, we will be offering several different incentive programs and also hosting a hackathon within the next few months in partnership with other major industry players. We will also be working with some of your favorite traders and exchanges on competitions, contests, and more!

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this series and look forward to feedback as we prepare to launch our newly upgraded trading systems and tools.

What is Compendium Finance?

The Compendium.Fi platform is built to offer traders a comprehensive suite of tools for a list of growing ecosystems. Our consumer-facing application is split into two separate entities.

One side of our trading tools focuses on integrations with popular and liquid centralized exchanges, while the other side focuses on improving the on-chain trading offerings of decentralized protocols built on Solana (with more chains to come shortly).

Automation and simplicity are key to all of our offerings. We’re here to help make crypto trading easier for everyone. Subscribe to bots, make your own, copy friends, or manually trade across multiple ecosystems in our intelligent interfaces.

Find out more about CompendiumFi.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with CompendiumFi. If you would like to discuss anything in more detail about the discussed topics in this post, please feel free to contact us on any of our social platforms!

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None of the above should be utilized as financial advice. You are responsible for your own financial decisions. Please make sure to do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency protocols or digital assets.



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