“Piggy Participation Week” — Compendi-Pig Snapshot Details!

The Compendi-Pig 🐷 ecosystem started as a community-building initiative in August of 2021 as Compendium.Fi began the development of Solana-based products in order to extend our offerings to users of on-chain trading protocols. With a flourishing NFT ecosystem on Solana due to the Metaplex standard and other growing marketplaces, this ecosystem project quickly became more than that. Unique art and the possibility of infinite options for expanding dynamic utilities drew large crowds of bidders to the auctions. Yes, you read that right! Drops 1 through 3 of the Compendi-Pig collection were actually auctioned off with rarities and other traits already visible, making our collection even more unique.

Compendi-Pigs Drop #1 : “Welcome To The Farm”

Since the launch of Drop 1, a lot has changed both with Compendium.Fi and the greater Solana ecosystem. Our application and all of its features have begun to flourish. New products like our Serum-based DEX, Simple Swap, and even copy-trading (for centralized exchanges) have drawn a large number of new users to our platform. We even raised $2.5 million in a private strategic sale with some large industry names🥂 . The launch of our native $CMFI token further exaggerated growth, especially as integrated utilities and partnerships with other protocols begin to go live.

Through all of this growth, we have stayed close with those in the “Piggy Council”. Rewarding early supporters and active participants for their hard work in growing a community is important, especially when most purchased with the belief of something greater on its way… or maybe they just like the art?

Compendi-Pigs Drop #2 : “The Deepest Of Dreams”

🐷 Piggy Participation Week” is our way of saying thank you to our loyal supporters and advocates through the ups and downs of attempting to make the most comprehensive trading tool suite in existence. This event is scheduled to begin on February 14th, 2022, and run until February 18th, 2022. We have scheduled this event start time out 2 weeks due to the lunar new year and also with the thought in mind for those who wish to join the “Piggy Council” beforehand.

Council members will be able to participate in one of three simple tasks they can select from the “Pig Pen” in order to gain rewards. All rewards for this event will be paid in $CMFI from our unlocked “Ecosystem Incentives” allocation pool. Reward payments will begin airdropping to participants the following week after verification of participation has been completed.

$CMFI Reward payments will be calculated via a standard algorithm.
(Base Reward) x (Number of Compendi-Pigs Held) x (Overall Rarity Score)

The base reward will be attached to each of the announced three simple tasks. The rarity metadata for each owned Compendi-Pig NFT will determine the Overall Rarity score with rarer NFT’s being worth more than common NFT’s.


Compendi-Pigs Drop #3 : “Drop 3D”

It is also worth noting that there are a total of 5 scheduled drops in the Compendi-Pig ecosystem! We haven’t forgotten about Drop 4 & 5.💓

More information on the future of these drops and what we have in store will be announced on the final day of “Piggy Participation Week”. Be on the lookout for something special!

Two unique partnerships for the Compendi-Pig ecosystem will also be announced soon. The ability to rent out future utilities for your piggy or gain instant access to liquidity should make things interesting! 👀

Thank you again everyone, Let’s celebrate! 🐷



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