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Welcome back!

The months are going by quickly!

This is the CompendiumFi Review, and we have a lot to discuss regarding the previous month!

If this is your first time here, WELCOME! On the first Friday of every month our talented team aspires to provide a short informative update to you, our community members.

This review will cover the following topics of discussion:

  • Announcements
  • Platform Updates
  • Coming Soon To CompendiumFi
  • Our Media Events

Now lets explore our recent developments throughout April!

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Alameda Research — Strategic Partnership

The team at CompendiumFi is ecstatic to be working closely with Alameda Research. This partnership with Alameda Research will help ensure efficient secondary trading markets for our native $CMFI token through token liquidity and market-making strategies.

Read the press release.

OKX — Upcoming Integration

You have read the title correctly, CompendiumFi is expanding its Centralized Exchange (CEX) Tools to OKX.

This will allow access to Verified Bot Strategies, Copy Trading, Signal Provider Service and much more tools to HELP you trade.

Whilst you are here, let me provide you with a little update on the integration. From the first week of June, this should be in service.

Read the press release.

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Platform Updates:

Throughout April, there have been notable changes on the CompendiumFi Platform.

Let’s have a look!

Now Supports Token Payments

You can now use from a collection of tokens to pay for your premium services on the CompendiumFi Platform.

Simply connect your wallet at checkout via the Phantom extension and select your payment type!

Choose from $CMFI, $DUST, $mSOL, $RAY, $USDC, $ORCA or $SOL.

Using $CMFI provides you with 10% off your purchase

View the Tweet.

DeFi Analytics Dashboard:

Throughout May, new features will be released on the CompendiumFi Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Suite. Below is a preview of the dashboards that will be available.

This dashboard will provide you with the highest APY return for DEFI farming on Solana.

Introducing Shaman Trends

In April, we welcomed Shaman Trends to the list of available trading bots on CompendiumFi.

Shaman Trends offers a #BTC and an #ETH trading bots for users to subscribe to.

Join us throughout May, as the team behind Shaman Trends will join us for an exclusive Twitter Space.

Find out more about our new bot author.

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Coming Soon:

New Bots

In the coming months, we will welcome several new bots to the CompendiumFi platform. All new bots undergo a vetting process that lasts normally 60 days to ensure that each and every strategy we list has a sufficient track record.

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Our Media Events

Are you familiar with the Signal Provider Service?

At CompendiumFi, we offer a range of FREE tools to help YOU!

Starting with the Signal Provider Service, you can automate your favorite indicators to trade based on conditions.

All you need is a CompendiumFi account and a Premium — TradingView account to start automating.

View the thread.

Find out more about Signal Provider Service.

Community Events

BTC Super Scalper V2 — Competition

To celebrate the success one of our new trading bots has had, we rewarded ALL participants in the competition with one month free of BTC Super Scalper.

Should we do another competition?

If so, what bot would you like to see!

Let us know on our Twitter.

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We would like to thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with CompendiumFi. If you would like to discuss anything in more detail about the discussed topics in this post, please feel free to contact us on any of our social platforms!

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None of the above should be utilized as financial advice. You are responsible for your own financial decisions. Please make sure to do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency protocols or digital assets.



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